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High-quality veneer is selected as raw material, the board is sawn straight, with flat surface, strong structural stability。The plywood boasts a high modulus of elasticity and static bending strength. DYNEA phenolic resin is used as an adhesive, providing water and moisture resistance, making it suitable for outdoor environments.

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Main quality indicators of plywood(Structural plywood)

Dimensional deviation
Nominal thickness range (t) sanded board(panel sanding)
Inner Thickness Tolerance Nominal thickness deviation
≤7.5 0.8 +(0.5)
7.5<t≤12 1 +(0.8)
12<t≤17 1.2
>17 1.3
Physical and chemical performance indicators
project unit Nominal thickness t/mm
<6 6≤t<7.5 7.5≤t<9 9≤t<12 12≤t<15 15≤t<18
moisture content % 10.0-15.0
Bonding strength MPa ≥0.8
In-plane shear strength Mpa >3.2
Bending Strength Along  grain MPa 42 38 34 32 26 24
Transverse striation MPa 8 14 12 16 20 20
Modulus of elasticity Along  grain MPa 8500 8000 7000 6500 5500 5000
Transverse striation MPa 500 1000 2000 2500 3500 4000
Strength grade F4-F22 optional
Formaldehyde emission Negotiation


The raw materials for this product are exclusively obtained from the artificial eucalyptus forests in Guangxi, China. Through precise manufacturing processes, the eucalyptus wood is processed into high-quality veneers and subsequently dried. DYNEA phenolic resin is used in the bonding process to enhance the product's structural stability and adhesive properties. Waterproof and moisture-proof, its waterproof capability meeting Level 1 standards. With high elastic modulus and static bending strength, it meets not only the standards of GBT35216-2017, but also the strict requirements of the Australian and New Zealand standard AS/NZS 2269-2017. In terms of environmental protection, the formaldehyde emission level of this product can reach super E0, E0, and E1 levels. This plywood is suitable for load-bearing structures and has been rigorously tested to ensure its suitability for outdoor use and its ability to withstand harsh climatic conditions. its strength grade covers F4 to F22, the product format size is 2700*1200mm, and a variety of thicknesses from 4mm to 18mm are available to meet different needs.

Product Advantage

1. The production management system of each wood-based panel factory in our group has passed theOccupational Health and Safety Management System(GB/T 45001-2020/ISO45001:2018)、Environmental management system(GB/T24001-2016/IS0 14001:2015)、Quality management system、(GB/T19001-2016/IS0 9001:2015)Certification.product through FSC-COC Certification。

2. The Gaolin brand wood-based panel produced and sold by our group has won the honors of China Guangxi Famous Brand Product, China Guangxi Famous Trademark, China National Board Brand, etc., and has been selected as National Forestry Key Leading Enterprise by the Wood Processing and Distribution Association for many years.

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