The Guangxi Forestry Industry Group’s series of achievements showcased at the First World Forestry Conference

From November 24th to 26th, 2023, the First World Forestry Conference was held at the Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center. Guangxi Forestry Industry Group presented high-end products at this grand event, joining hands with forestry-related enterprises from around the world. The aim is to seek more cooperation opportunities and partners, promoting the further development of the group's business in both domestic and international markets.

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“Good board, Crafted by GaoLin.” At this exhibition, the group concentrated on displaying high-end products such as "Gaolin" fiberboard, particleboard, and plywood, vividly displaying the results of the group's new artificial board product research and development to many customers, industry experts, and consumers from around the world, reflecting the group's commitment to product innovation and The continuous pursuit of high quality.

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At this exhibition, the group co-exhibited with shareholder Guangxi state - owned high peak forest farm, jointly presenting a visual representation of the formidable resource advantages, industrial strengths, and brand advantages underlying the Forestry Group's 'Integrated Forestry and Wood Industry' development strategy.

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During the exhibition, the Group organized elite teams such as "production, marketing and research" to fully communicate with customers from many countries visiting the exhibition area and domestic and foreign buyers, promote and publicize the group's new products and innovative advantages to the outside world. Visiting customers consistently expressed deep impressions of the group's new products, affirming the group's strength in the forestry industry.

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The exhibition concluded on November 26th, but the pace of innovation and dedicated customer service from Guangxi Forestry Industry Group will never cease. In the future, the group will commit to producing higher quality Wood-based panel and Household products, truly embodying the corporate philosophy of 'Guangxi Forestry Industry, make your home livie better,' and serving the pursuit of a beautiful living environment.

Simultaneously held with the conference were events such as the 13th World Wood and Wood Products Trade Conference, the 2023 International Trade Forum on Forest Products, and the 2023 Fragrance and Fragrance Industry Development Forum. The Group participated in the 13th World Wood and Wood Products Trade Conference to promote the Group's “Gaolin” brand fiberboards, particleboards and plywood to forestry industry personnel around the world.

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Post time: Dec-02-2023