• Backup Board For Printed Circuit Board Drilling-Fiberboard

    Backup Board For Printed Circuit Board Drilling-Fiberboard

    Professional to meet the requirements of the use of electronic circuit processing plate,It has the advantages of high hardness, flat surface without deformation, small thickness tolerance and good machining performance

  • Carve And Mill Fiberboard-Fiberboard

    Carve And Mill Fiberboard-Fiberboard

    It has the advantages of high surface finish, fine fiber, grooving type grinding without fuzziness and good waterproof performance.Suitable for deep engraving, engraving, hollow out and other processing methods.Often used for cabinet doors, crafts and other products with higher quality requirements.

  • Furniture Painted  Board-Fiberboard

    Furniture Painted Board-Fiberboard

    It is suitable for the substrate board used for direct painting processing. It has the advantages of flat surface, smooth surface, small dimensional tolerance, less paint absorption and saving paint consumption.It is suitable for the products with high requirements on the finish, and it is not suitable for hot pressing.

  • Ordinary Furniture Use Board-Fiberboard

    Ordinary Furniture Use Board-Fiberboard

    Formaldehyde emission reaches ENF, formaldehyde emission measured by climate box method is less than 0.025mg/m³, 0.025mg/m³ lower than E0 grade, and the water resistance of the product is better than E0 grade and E1 grade products of the same specification.

    Suitable for furniture manufacturing, pressure paste, spray painting, shallow carving and engraving (less than 1/3 board thickness), sticker, veneer, blister processing and other purposes. It has the advantages of smooth surface, reasonable structure, easy deformation, small dimensional tolerance, uniform density structure and superior performance.

  • Flame- Retardant  Board-Fiberboard

    Flame- Retardant Board-Fiberboard

    The product is flame retardant and difficult-combustible, the product combustion flame spread length is short, in the same time burning flame retardant furniture board than ordinary furniture board total heat release is low.
    Professional for fire performance requirements of furniture manufacturing, door production and sound-absorbing board production, interior decoration of public places. The product has the advantages of high flame retardant performance, carving and milling performance, etc. The company flame retardant medium high density fiberboard can reach the national C grade and B grade standards, the product is light pink.

  • Moisture-Proof Furniture Board-Fiberboard

    Moisture-Proof Furniture Board-Fiberboard

    The product water absorption expansion rate is less than10% professional used in bathroom, kitchen and other indoor products with high moisture-proof performance requirements processing base material, with higher core hardness, good dimensional stability, moisture-proof performance, not easy to deformation, carving and milling effect is good, not easy to mold and so on.

  • Moisture-Proof Fiberboard For Flooring-Fiberboard

    Moisture-Proof Fiberboard For Flooring-Fiberboard

    24 hours water absorption expansion rate≤10%, high physical and chemical strength, higher core hardness, good dimensional stability, good waterproof performance, stable product quality, two processing technology for hot pressing double-sided pressing paste, can meet the hot pressing, cold pressing, slotting and milling.Mainly suitable for the production of composite wood flooring substrate.