Backup Board For Printed Circuit Board Drilling-Fiberboard

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Professional to meet the requirements of the use of electronic circuit processing plate,It has the advantages of high hardness, flat surface without deformation, small thickness tolerance and good machining performance

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Main quality indicators of fiberboard (Backup board for printed circuit board drilling)

Dimensional deviation, density and moisture content requirements



Nominal thickness range/mm


Thickness deviation

Unsanded board



sanded board



Density variation
within panel



Length and Width Deviation












moisture content



Formaldehyde emission



Note: The thickness of each measuring point in each sanded board should not exceed ±0.15mm of its arithmetic mean value.

Physical and chemical performance indicators



Nominal thickness range/mm


Bending Strength



Modulus of elasticity



internal bond strength



Thickness Swelling rate



Surface bonding strength



Surface soundness




It is specially used for mechanical drilling of printed boards and placed under the copper clad laminates to be processed or semi-finished printed boards, high density fiberboard for gasket materials to meet processing technology requirements.Product raw materials choose wood raw materials with little deviation in moisture content and density, defibrating technology process stably controls the form of separated fibers of wood chips to meet quality requirements.The hot pressing and paving technology proocess finely controls the stability of the horizontal and vertical density of the fibers, In addition, under the steam injection system, the structure and performance of the product are more stable after hot pressing, which ensures excellent tolerance control even if the finished product is not sanded. Product density is higher than 840g/cm3, high surface hardness, flat surface, no bubbles, no wrinkles, no cracks, no scratches, no ripples, no bump points and impurities, no color inequality .The end face of the product is neat, and the thickness is only 2.0mm and 2.4mm, but the warpage of the product is guaranteed to be small, and the thickness tolerance is small, which is conducive to the fine processing of the printing plate. There are two surface treatment methods: sanding and catt .The size of the product is 1245mm×940mm、1245mm×1042mm、1245mm×1092mm, and the thickness is 2.0mm and 2.4mm.The Products are unprocessed plain wood-base panel. It can be cut, processed and packaged according to customer requirements. The formaldehyde emission of the product is determined by negotiation between the two parties.

Fiberboard-Backup board for printed circuit board drilling3
Fiberboard-Backup board for printed circuit board drilling1
Fiberboard-Backup board for printed circuit board drilling2

Product Advantage

1. The production management system of each wood-based panel factory in our group has passed theOccupational Health and Safety Management System(GB/T 45001-2020/ISO45001:2018)、Environmental management system(GB/T24001-2016/IS0 14001:2015)、Quality management system、(GB/T19001-2016/IS0 9001:2015)Certification.product through CFCC/PEFC-COC Certification、FSC-COCCertification、China Environmental Labeling Certification、Hong Kong Green Mark Certification、Guangxi quality product certification.
2. The Gaolin brand wood-based panel produced and sold by our group has won the honors of China Guangxi Famous Brand Product, China Guangxi Famous Trademark, China National Board Brand, etc., and has been selected as China's top ten fiberboards by the Wood Processing and Distribution Association for many years.

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