• Furniture Board -Particleboard

    Furniture Board -Particleboard

    When used in dry state, furniture particleboard has uniform structure and good processing performance. It can be processed into large-format board according to demand, and has good sound-absorbing and sound-isolating performance. It is mainly used in furniture manufacturing and interior decoration.

  • Moisture-Proof Furniture Board-Particleboard

    Moisture-Proof Furniture Board-Particleboard

    Particle board is used in the humid state, with good moisture-proof performance, not easy to deformation, not easy to mold and other characteristics, 24 hours water absorption thickness expansion rate ≤8%, mainly used in bathroom, kitchen and other indoor products with high moisture-proof performance requirements for processing base material.

  • UV-PET cabinet door board-Particleboard

    UV-PET cabinet door board-Particleboard

    UV-PET board particleboard
    Using furniture particleboard in the dry state, the product structure is uniform, the size is stable, can be processed long board, small deformation. Mainly used for cabinet doors, wardrobe doors and other door plate processing base material.