Gaolin” Brand Decorative Panels Successfully Concluded Participation at CIFM / interzum guangzhou

From March 28th to 31st, 2024, the CIFM / interzum guangzhou was grandly held at the Guangzhou pazhou·China Import and Export Complex. With the theme of "Infinite - Ultimate Functionality, Infinite Space," this conference aimed to set industry manufacturing benchmarks, empower home furnishing enterprises with innovation, and provide solutions for high-end furniture and smart home scenarios, integrating with technology to promote iterative upgrades in the furniture field.

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As a leader in the home panel industry, "Gaolin" brand Wood-based panels and decorative panels have always been favored by consumers for their high quality, environmental friendliness, and durability. In this exhibition, Gaolin showcased its latest products and the 2.0 series color schemes, empowering the green home industry comprehensively and opening up a panoramic view of smart living along with the home appliance industry. From substrate boards to decorative panels, from furniture boards to original door panels, from PET panels to deep embossing, each product demonstrates Gaolin's ultimate pursuit of quality.

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During the exhibition, Gaolin's decorative panels became the focus, including the following products: melamine Paper Veneers, Soft-Glow MC Veneers, PET Veneers, synchronous wood grain. The core layers of these panels all use Gaolin's Fiberboard, particle boards, and plywood, and the high performance of the substrates ensures the panels' smoothness, structural stability, and resistance to deformation.

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The grandeur of this exhibition attracted numerous exhibitors (from Malaysia, India, South Korea, Europe, etc.) and professional visitors to stop by, visit, and inquire at Gaolin's booth. Visitors were attracted by the exquisite appearance and outstanding performance of Gaolin panels, and they stopped to admire. They highly recognized Gaolin's technical strength in substrate materials and market prospects, and looked forward to deeper cooperation with Gaolin.

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Post time: Apr-08-2024