The brand “Gaolin” won the first batch of China’s key forest products “artisan brand”

Recently the “2023 China Key Forest Products Double Carbon Strategy Implementation and Brand Building Guangxi state – owned high peak forest farm Forum” hosted by China National Forest Products Industry Association was grand held in Beijing – China International Exhibition Center.The forum was held with the purpose of “strong country in quality, industry prospers the nation”.The full implementation of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and the State Council has just issued the “Outline of the construction of a strong country in quality”; Combined with the actual industry of forest products,Deployment of effective promotion of national double carbon strategy and high quality development.The industry’s double carbon demonstration enterprises and the first batch of key forest products “artisan brand” have been announced.

Guangxi forestry industry group subordinate professional wood-based panel manufacturing group–Guangxi Guoxu Forestry Development Group Co., Ltd. and “Gaolin” brand wood-based panel  won the honor of the first batch of China’s key forest products “Craftsmanship Brand” by virtue of excellent product quality, healthy and environmental protection product concept and excellent market reputation.

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Guangxi forestry industry adherence to the enterprise mission of “make home life better” and actively practices the concept of “two mountains”.Actively respond to the “double carbon” goal, in the process of enterprise development by the “green” and the courage to stand on the tide of “carbon” new road.In 2015, applying lignin glue to successfully produce no aldehyde boards, one of the first enterprises in South China to produce no aldehyde boards;In 2016, Gaolin, a subsidiary of the Group, obtained the CARB-NAF no added formaldehyde exemption certification in the United States.being the second panel company in China to receive this certification;After the introduction of the new national standard in 2021, the ENF level jumped to become the most stringent environmental standards in the country.”Gaolin” wood-based panels use MDI no aldehyde ecological glue, soybean glue,

no aldehyde particleboard and no aldehyde fiberboard. No aldehyde fiberboard for flooring and other products are up to ENF level, leading the way in ENF level quality;In 2022, the Group participated in the revision of many industry technical standards such as “wood based panels and finishing products of no-added formaldehyde” and “Finishable Oriented Strand Board”.


Guangxi forestry industry always adheres to the sustainable development concept of “green, innovation, development and sharing”, and pays great attention to the combination of quality and environmental protection, and the coordination of innovation and development.Over the past 20 years since the establishment and development of the “Gaolin” brand, we have continued to promote technological innovation and product upgrades.The existing products cover various series of no aldehyde boards, electronic circuit boards, door boards, fiberboard for flooring, moisture-resistant boards, etc.It can fully meet the high-end needs of modern home decoration and custom home.The Group’s wood-based panel enterprises have won the honors of “Green Factory”, “China Green Product Certification”, “Hong Kong Green Mark Certification”, etc.

As the first batch of China’s key forest products “artisan brand” honorary enterprises, Guangxi forestry industry is aware of the responsibility in the shoulder.Take charge on the go, we will actively play the role of demonstration and leadership of the key leading enterprises of state-owned forestry industry.Not forgetting the original intention, remembering the mission, constantly exploring new techniques and technologies, developing new products, making good boards wholeheartedly for the people with craftsmanship, striving to meet the needs of people’s good home life with the original intention, and making new contributions to the high-quality development of forestry industry in the new era.

Post time: Apr-15-2023