Strength certification! Guangxi forestry industry group wins 5 heavyweight awards in a row!

On May 26th, 2023, with the theme of "Smart Manufacturing and Future Integration", the China panels and Custom Home Conference was held in Pizhou City, Jiangsu Province.The conference discussed the outlook of China's real estate industry in the new industry, the development trend of custom-made furniture and artificial board industry, the exploration of smart home development and the recycling of waste products under the "double carbon" target, and built a communication platform for the high-quality development of the industry.

The conference also commended outstanding companies in the wood industry in 2022. With its high brand influence and good corporate image, Guangxi forestry industry groups "Gaolin" panels were awarded as "China panels,National brands",and won the "China panels National Brand""Top 10 Particle Board Brands of the Year 2022" "Top 10 Fiberboard Brands of the Year 2022"""Outstanding Panel Manufacturing Company of the Year 2022".A total of five heavyweight awards were presented. Li Yongqiang, Deputy General Manager of the Group, received the award on stage.



The "Gaolin" brand was founded in 1997 and has a history of 26 years. Under the background of green and low-carbon, Guangxi Senkou Group has always insisted on taking the road of green manufacturing and practicing the concept of green development, through equipment upgrading and technological innovation, vigorously developing and mass-producing E0 grade and environmentally friendly products without the addition of no aldehyde. And in 2019-2021 to fully complete the technical transformation and upgrading of the plants in Rongxian Gaolin, Fuji County Dongteng, Baise Spring and Hezhou Guirun.Optimised energy-saving design, advanced production equipment and processing technology are used to build the safest, most environmentally friendly, energy efficient, most efficient and best quality man-made board production line.

"Gaolin" panels cover fiberboard, particleboard and plywood, and have a full range of multifunctional products such as no aldehyde furniture, Moisture resistant、fire retardant, 5G electronic circuit pads, floor roller paint, carve and mill, powder coating and bathroom.Customised, one-stop shopping for customers.The products have continuously passed a number of authoritative certifications such as CARB (NAF), EPA (USA), F☆☆☆☆ (Japan), FSC-COC, Ten Ring Certification, China Green Products, etc. The environmental protection grade has reached E0 and ENF level, which is a trustworthy green and healthy panel.

The people's aspiration for a better life is the direction in which our business is heading!As a national and autonomous region leading enterprise in forestry industry, in the future, Guangxi Forestry industry Group will remain true to its original intention,With the corporate vision of "make home life better", the company is committed to manufacturing the best quality, environmentally friendly and healthy artificial boards to complete a green and healthy home for thousands of consumers.

Guangxi Forestry industry, "Gaolin" brand, not only in honour, but also in mission.






Post time: Jun-05-2023