Guangxi Releases Three-Year action program for Guangxi’s Trillion-Dollar Forestry Industry (2023-2025)

Recently, the General Office of the People’s Government of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region issued the “Guangxi Trillion Forestry Industry Three-Year Action Program (2023-2025)” (hereinafter referred to as the “Program”), which promotes the integrated development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries in Guangxi’s forestry sector, and, by 2025, strives for the total output value of Guangxi’s forestry industry to reach 1.3 trillion CNY. The content of the Program on forest land and timber is as follows:
Strengthening resource advantages and enhancing the supply capacity of high-quality timber. The region will further implement the “double-thousand” national reserve forest program, accelerate the large-scale management of forest land, the structural adjustment of tree species and the transformation of low-yield and inefficient forests, vigorously cultivate native tree species, precious tree species and medium- and large-diameter timber, and continuously improve forest reserves and timber production per unit area. By 2025, the use rate of good species of major afforestation trees in the region will reach 85 per cent, the area of commercial timber forests will remain above 125 million acres, the cumulative construction of national reserve forests will be above 20 million acres, and the annual supply of harvestable timber will be above 60 million cubic meters.

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Strengthen the leading industries and implement the furniture and home furnishing industry upgrading project. Optimize the supply structure of wood-based boards, support the development of new products such as restructured wood, wood-plastic composites and orthogonal glued wood, and promote the quality of products in line with leading international standards.
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Implementing the brand enhancement project. Actively promote the construction of forestry industry standard system. Promote green product certification, ecological product certification, forest certification, organic product certification and Hong Kong high-end quality certification and other product certification systems.

Implementation of science and technology to strengthen the forest enhancement project. Support the creation of autonomous region laboratories in the field of plantation forests, and strengthen the pine, fir, eucalyptus, bamboo and other plantation forest science and technology research. Improve the mechanism for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, strengthen the promotion and application of forestry research results, and accelerate the transformation of forestry research results into real productivity.
Expanding openness and cooperation, and creating a high-level platform for openness and cooperation. Focusing on the key links of the entire forestry industry chain, carry out precise investment attraction, focusing on introducing industry head enterprises with famous trademarks and brands to invest in Guangxi.
Promote digital empowerment. Create a digital service platform for the whole chain, elements and scenes of the forestry industry, accelerate the application of new-generation information technology in the field of the forestry industry, and improve the real-time monitoring, precise management, remote control and intelligent production level of the forestry industry.

Pilot development and trading of forestry carbon sinks. Implement actions to sequester carbon and increase sinks in forests, grasslands and wetlands, and carry out background surveys of forestry carbon resources and research on key technologies for sequestering carbon and increasing sinks in forests, grasslands, wetlands and other terrestrial ecosystems.
Increase support for infrastructure construction and mechanized production. Support the infrastructure construction of forestry industrial parks, and incorporate state-owned forest farms, state-owned forest lands and forest-related industrial bases with social and public service attributes into the planning of local highway networks, and adopt the highway standards of the transport industry for their construction.
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Post time: Jul-21-2023