Guangxi Forestry Industry Group is committed to sustainable management and development with domestic and international customers, supplying FSC-certified wood-based panels

The most widely recognized certification in the forest management industry today is FSC, the Forest Stewardship Council, an independent, not-for-profit organization established in 1993 to improve the state of forest management around the world. It promotes the responsible management and development of forests by developing standards and certifications that motivate forest owners and managers to follow social and environmental principles. One of the most important FSC certifications is the FSC-COC, or Chain of Custody Certification, which is a chain of custody and validation of timber trading and processing companies from raw material procurement, warehousing, production to sales to ensure that the timber comes from a quality-managed and sustainably-developed forest. FSC has certified a large number of forest areas and timber products, and its international influence has been gradually increasing, so as to use the market mechanism to promote the sustainable management of forests.

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Guangxi Forestry Industry Group closely follow the requirements of protecting forest resources, adhere to the concept of sustainable management of corporate forests and forest products, Group shareholders in Guangxi state – owned high peak forest farm and its related state-owned forests have more than 2 million acres of FSC-COC forest certified forest land, more than 12 million acres of raw material forest land, can be supplied to our production plants, the production of wood-based panel boards can be certified as FSC100%. The Group’s wood-based panel production plants have passed the FSC-COC certification, and with advanced technology and production equipment, the Group has achieved green products, no aldehyde and odourless, and at the same time ensured the sustainable development of forest resources. Especially, the MDF/HDF, FSC boards produced by Guangxi Gaofeng Wuzhou Wood-based Panel Co., Ltd, Guangxi Gaolin Forestry Co., Ltd, Guangxi Guoxu Dongteng Wood-based Panel Co., Ltd,. Density fiberboard products are abundant, including MDF for conventional furniture, HDF for flooring, HDF for sculpture, etc. Thickness ranges from 1.8-40mm, covering regular 4*8 sizes and shaped size. We can meet the diversified and differentiated needs of our customers.

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As China’s top 10 particleboard brands in 2022, top 10 fiberboard brands in 2022, and excellent manufacturing enterprise of panels in 2022, Group always insists on adhering to the industry’s original intention, bearing in mind the social responsibility, manufacturing green and healthy panels, and providing safer and more environmentally friendly products for the market and customers.

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Post time: Jul-19-2023