Guangxi Forest Industry Group leads the green and high-quality development of wood-based panels industry


Guangxi Forest Industry Group Co., Ltd. has developed for 29 years from its predecessors Gaofeng Wood-based Panel Enterprise Group, Guangxi Huafeng Group, and Guangxi Guoxu Group to the present. It is a backbone and leading enterprise in the forestry industry in Guangxi and China. Invested in the construction of the group's first fiberboard factory in 1994, invested in the construction of the group's first particleboard factory in 2011, and invested in the construction of the group's first plywood factory in 2020. By 2023, the group has assets of 4.3 billion yuan and more than 1,100 employees , 3 fiberboard factories, 1 particleboard factory and 2 plywood factories, with an annual output of more than 1.2 million cubic meters of wood-based panels, and its production capacity is in the forefront of China's wood-based panel industry. Among them, 770,000 cubic meters of fiberboard, 350,000 cubic meters of particleboard, and 120,000 cubic meters of plywood. The factory has the most advanced professional equipment and technology for Dieffenbacher and Siempelkamp wood-based panel equipment manufacturers. The production system has passed the ISO quality management system, occupational health and safety management system and environmental management system certification. The perfect, safe and environmentally friendly production system ensures stable product quality, rich product lines, product thickness covers 1.8mm-40mm thickness, regular format and special-shaped format, products have no aldehyde added products, passed CARB, EPA and green product certification, Meet customer customization and high-quality needs.
The development of our group for more than 20 years has been fully affirmed by national authorities, industry associations and customers. Won the "National Forestry Key Leading Enterprise" issued by the State Forestry and Grassland Administration.It is the initiator of the National Innovation Alliance of Formaldehyde-free Wood-based Panels.The "Top Ten Particleboard" and "Top Ten Fiberboard" brands selected by China and Guangxi Industry Association, and "China National Board Brand".
Our group adheres to the concept of green and sustainable, makes home life better, actively fulfills social responsibilities and participates in national economic cooperation and market competition; undertakes ecological responsibilities, cares for global forests, follows national forestry industry policies, and strengthens its own economic and technological strength , Drive and promote the development of forestry industry in Guangxi. Guided by the scientific concept of development, increase investment in science and technology, adhere to the sustainable development strategy of forestry, take into account the interests of all parties, and promote the harmonious development of society. Protect Guangxi's ecological security and timber safety, provide more and better wood processing products for the whole society, and play a leading and exemplary role in the industry; spread the concept of green environmental protection, promote low-carbon lifestyles, and continuously create value for employees and the society to give back to the society.


Post time: Mar-21-2023