Gaolin brand furniture fiberboard professional to meet the new process of powder spraying

2023 China Guangzhou custom home exhibition set off a new popular trend of custom furniture home using powder spraying process cabinet door panels.MDF electrostatic powder spraying process is a new process that is widely used and promoted in the market.Guangxi Guoxu Dongteng Wood-based Panel Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Guangxi Forestry Group, is located in Vine County, Wuzhou, China, with an annual production capacity of 450,000 cubic meters of HDF.Our main products are carve and mill boards, flooring substrates, and fiberboard for high-end furniture.In response to market demand, we have developed MDF specifically for the powder spraying process.Fiberboard with high density and fine fiber,The performance of carve and mill modeling is excellent, no cracking and no deformation under the high temperature environment of electrostatic powder spraying, and little thickness swelling.


The principle of MDF powder spraying technology is to make the MDF board become conductive after.Directly into the electrostatic powder spraying line, the powder is directly and evenly adsorbed on the surface of MDF through electrostatic.

The remaining powder is sucked away by the fan and directly recycled for reuse. The sprayed sheet goes directly into the heating box for curing.The whole process takes only 20 minutes.Therefore, the technology can be said to be a low energy consumption,no pollution and recyclable green process.Powder coating is made of glue, pigment, filler, etc. by mixing, melting, grinding and other processes.Using a spray gun through high pressure electrostatic powder spraying on the workpiece by high temperature curing into the electrostatic powder spraying method.Powder spraying versus traditional painted coating.Using electrostatic powder spraying technology, one-time spraying, no glue, 360 °all-round sealing edge.MDF powder coated panels have the following features and advantages:
1、Powder 360 ° no dead angle spraying molding, no need to seal the edge, such as diamond-like angles.
2、With 2 times of scratch resistance, liquid resistance, yellowing resistance and other properties of super baking paint board, long service life.
3、At the same time, the barrier rate of water vapor can reach more than 99%, with very good strong waterproof, moisture-proof, mold resistance, oxidation resistance, effectively avoiding the harsh environment due to water vapor and moisture, etc.
4、Super environmental protection material, zero formaldehyde, zero VOC, zero HAP emission, non-toxic, no smell, environmental protection grade higher than ENF.
5、Electrostatic principle makes the surface of the board more complete and even, no deformation, stain resistance, easy to clean, reliable process to provide more plasticity for furniture, is the first choice for cabinet doors, furniture doors, bathroom cabinet doors.
6、Free design, color stability and small color difference, can add anti-infection fungus. A variety of applications in space and various processing styles.

Post time: Apr-20-2023