2023 China Guangzhou Customized Home Furnishing Exhibition concluded successfully

On March 27-30, 2023, the 12th China Guangzhou Custom Home Furnishing Exhibition was held in Guangzhou Poly World Trade Museum as scheduled.The exhibition is a professional fair with the theme of “custom home furnishing” and the platform positioning of “custom wind vane and industry high point”.As the first annual custom home furnishing professional exhibition, the first day of the exhibition was attended by home furnishing service providers, designers, dealers, buyers, associations, media, platforms and other fields, and the exhibition was very popular.The exhibition area of more than 100,000 square meters, focusing on custom home, custom supporting, whole home supporting, whole ecological, innovation in the future of the five directions, gathering more than 700 + industry chain upstream and downstream brands, presenting the whole house custom, whole home custom, high-end custom, custom materials, innovation in the future and other 9 topics, is a set of investment to join, business docking, building circles, learning exchanges, industry integration as one The industry event. Every year, the exhibition gathers strength, customization, supply chain big names gathered on the stage:

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Sofia Group, Shangpin Home collection, Wayes, Holike, HD HomeDefinition, Zbom, and other custom home furnishings and board supplier companies such as forestry industry Group and Wanhua Hexiang Board were presented;Custom furniture in the board set off a popular wave of the use of fiberboard powder spraying board and cabinet doors using PET particleboard.Fiberboard electrostatic powder spraying is a new process, which is based on the principle of electrostatic attraction to spray atomized solid powder on the surface of the door panel.It has the characteristics of uniform color, fine and strong adhesion, and is used in modern furniture panels.Solid powder spraying is epoxy glue curing powder, the adhesion rate is high, and the powder is adsorbed on the plate through electrostatic.After high temperature curing, high surface hardness, without add any solvents, glue, to achieve zero formaldehyde, that is installed that move in.PET board is currently the most environmentally friendly of all door materials, reaching food grade.PET sheet has the advantages of high strength, good transparency, non-toxic, impermeable, and high environmental friendliness.

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PET board has bright colors, true color rendering, strong three-dimensional sense, and perfect visual effect.During use, it will not burst, chipping, color difference, fading, discoloration, pressure resistance, impact resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, and easy to clean. It is the ideal material for cabinet doors.Different production methods, pet highlights door panels are usually made of pet material, then paper is printed on the surface of the panel, and then a layer of pet film is pressed on.Our group-Guangxi forestry industry group, as the main exhibitor of custom home materials in this exhibition,At the exhibition, we will show our “Gaolin” brand of high quality wood-based panels.Our group has an annual production capacity of more than 1 million cubic meters of man-made board products and is a national leading and backbone enterprise in the forestry industry.Our products cover fiberboard, particleboard and plywood, with thicknesses from 1.8mm to 40mm and widths from 4*8 feet to shaped sizes.We have a wide range of products, including general furniture boards, Moisture resistant boards, fire retardant boards, flooring substrates, etc. We can meet customers’ diversified customization needs.Our group specializes in the production of particle board for UV-PET cabinet doors, which is favored by customers.The particle size of the product is suitable and uniform, compared with peer products, the product structure is more stable, less deformation, can be processed into long boards, mainly used for cabinet doors, closet doors and other doors PET processing substrates.

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In addition, our group meets the market demand for powder spraying board .Development of fiberboard specifically for this process.Fiberboard with high density and fine fiber,The performance of carve and mill modeling is excellent, no cracking and no deformation under the high temperature environment of electrostatic powder spraying, and little thickness swelling.

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Post time: Apr-20-2023